Travel Medicine

Spending even a day of your trip unwell is a complete waste of time

There are many things to consider before travelling. In order to give you personally relevant advice, please note we will need:

  • A copy of your itinerary
  • Dates you are away and season
  • Standard of accommodation
  • Any planned special activities e.g. skiing, surfing, trekking or mountain climbing, motorbike riding.
  • If you are visiting friends and relatives

Some countries may require you to be vaccinated against certain diseases; if you do not have the required vaccinations, you may be refused entry or required to have the necessary vaccination(s) at the border.

Australia's list of yellow fever risk countries and areas - Australian Government Department of Health

Meningococcal meningitis vaccination is mandatory for all travellers over 12 months of age making the pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj.

Pregnant women, babies and young children, the elderly as well as people with a weakened immune system (due to a medical condition or certain medicines) are especially at risk of infection when travelling. So talk to your doctor about any vaccines or boosters you may need to have before you travel.

Are you travelling with medicines?

To take prescription medication out of Australia, or to take injectable medicine on a plane (eg. Epipen or insulin), you require a letter from your doctor.

Do you know how to protect yourself?

Your doctor can also advise you on measures which can be taken to avoid infectious diseases while overseas. This might include measures to avoid consuming potentially contaminated water or food, and advice about your medications and your lifestyle while you are travelling.

Plan Ahead

Remember, you need to visit your doctor at least 6 weeks (and preferably 8 weeks) before you depart to give your immune system time to respond to any vaccination you need, and because some vaccines may need more than 1 injection.

Doctors to book with are Dr Vyom Sharma, Dr Cong Nguyen, Dr Charles Lee, Dr Alison Edwards.